A sweet spot found in a secret world of dining

How did you get into doing pop ups? 

Back in the heyday of 2010 I wanted to see if I could make a career shift out of the office life into something more creative and delicious so decided to create a food filled happening in a secret London location. I managed to rope in lots of creative bods and we did it for the love. 

Tell us about your current or most recent pop up. 

Our most recent pop-up is Gingerline Classic Returns. After exploring the fascinating world of multidimensional dining (and being the first people to do so) we decided a return to our most famous format of a room full of people in a secret world mixing food, design, art and interactive performance was long overdue. I can’t tell you much more than that, other than to say it was five months in the making and a work of over 50 people including servers, makers, singers, musicians, directors, lighting bods and chefs. So much fun, so much work. So worth it...

What has been your biggest challenge? Biggest reward? 

Biggest challenge is finding people who think the right way about what we do. The next biggest is finding places to do it in. We like to use hidden secret spots and with the growth of London they are becoming rarer and rarer… 

Biggest reward is watching our team grow in confidence and realising that in a project like this, with the right attitude, there are no limits to what can be created. 

How long have you been doing pop ups?  

Since 2010

What were you doing before? Why did you switch to pop ups? 

Prior to this I was working in an office. When we launched Gingerline it was as a pop-up and so we’ve only ever delivered this style of immersive dining. However, as the demand has increased for what we do and our projects run longer term, it’s becoming harder and harder to call them pop-up!

Will you continue doing pop ups in the future? Why or why not? 

We now have a semi-permanent venue, where we run our multidimensional dining experience called The Chambers of Flavour. That is a far more elaborate and involved set build so not something which can be shifted around (although the realities within the permanent set do change meaning we can run multiple projects in this one location).

Our plan is to continue running Classic Gingerline pop-ups alongside The Chambers of Flavour, because there’s something very special about starting afresh in a new location. You may even see us venture out of our nomadic home, London, and into other cities around the world. Watch this space…

What has been the most unexpected or disastrous experience? 

There have been too many unexpected experiences to name! Though that is the nature of a pop-up! Non-existent ovens, running food down high streets on shopping trolleys with blow torches to keep it warm. Burning the main course 20 minutes before the guests arrived. Our General Manager having to step into an acting role, due to actor illness one day (well done Davy). Tube strikes or train delays! Oh my, that really scuppers us! Because our location is secret though always on the London Overground (the Gingerline) and guests have to travel on the train following text instructions, no train = no guests. One other time which springs to mind is a power cut and having our guests singing war time anthems by candle light, which was lovely only it wasn’t part of the show! The list goes on….


Gingerline Classic Returns is currently hidden away in a new London lair. Tickets are sold out until August 2016 however we have heard rumours of an imminent release of new dates… Visitwww.gingerline.co.uk to find out more!