How a magazine publisher made it to pop-up dining

How did you get into doing pop ups? 

We got into it by accident. We bought a Citroen HY van with the intention of using it for another part of our business but ended up converting her into a four seater brasserie and started opening up at the weekends and serving our French inspired menu. We then started doing pop ups else where and are looking at doing far more this year. 

Tell us about your current or most recent pop up. 

Our most recent pop up was at Unwined, a wine bar based in Tooting Market. The idea was to match the wine to our menu and give people an all round taste sensation. 

 What has been your biggest challenge? Biggest reward?

The biggest challenge is the weather. If we are popping up in La Petite Bouchée we have a camp kitchen, outside which at certain times of the year can be 'interesting' The biggest reward is the feedback from customers and seeing them enjoying their food. That makes us very happy. 

How long have you been doing pop ups?  

Nearly 2 years

What were you doing before? Why did you switch to pop ups? 

I worked in magazine publishing, I switched because I had a major accident and had to take a lot of time out. I decided to do something I really loved instead and cooking for others and recipe development are two of the many things i am very passionate about. 

Will you continue doing pop ups in the future? Why or why not? 

Yes from time to time we'll do them. We already have some in the diary, however, we want to focus more on the core business of running the restaurant at the weekends. 

What has been the most unexpected or disastrous experience? 

I can't think of any disaster we haven't turned around quickly, we always find a way!


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Photo Credit: James Balston Photography