One woman's experiment to redefine herself and her food

I started organizing popups 3 years ago, while still with my ex-boyfriend who got me into it. 2012 in Autumn I went for the first time to a dinner in a beautiful place in Kreuzberg. It felt very intimate and special, there was a very long table where bout 30 people sat, ate and drank. I found out about it through some friends and wanted to explore it. This is also how I met my ex and  got completely charmed by the idea of hosting supper clubs. Shortly after we started being together I took over the project and was organizing different dinner every week, for about half a year long, every time with different cook, with live music acts or DJ's, accompanied by art exhibitions or movie screening. The big advantage was that we had a venue with a small, cute kitchen. But by that time I was being only a manager and rarely I cooked myself. I stopped the project after few months, and started studies but I missed the atmosphere pretty soon after I stopped. And I also started missing my polish culture and food (after 3 years in Berlin). So I came up with an idea to make my own supper club. with my best friend who was originally the chef we wanted to create an exclusive atmosphere for about 10-15 guests, cook polish food, serve real polish vodka, and homemade liquors and through this event show and present also some of our polish roots and backgrounds, we were offering ingredients made by our granny’s and Donald’s father’s homemade vodkas. A part of the concept was to change the location every time we do the dinner, and we wanted to cooperate with cultural locations so we not only provided food but also art or other kind of entertainment.

Our closest partner was a polish  gallery of Donald’s mom best friends (art Endart), but we also hosted the supper club at private apartments, lofts, concept stores, clubs, bars and few other galleries. After few months since we started (November 2013 was the first dinner), Don left Berlin and I stayed pretty much alone with the project that became quickly successful and put us on the foodie map of Berlin. I worked with other chefs but somehow it never worked out for a longer term. I had a new partner for few months but I just really felt that this idea is so mine and only me put the whole soul and heart in it. Before Donald left he was the main cook and I was just the manager and entertainer- hostess. Food was created mostly by Don. But after he left I decided to become independent and I started to cook myself. Since June 2015 I'm the chef and the ‘’king’’ of my supper club. - Our name has a historical background- in the 1700s our King August Poniatowski organized meetings every Thursday, 5 years long, called ‘’Thursday dinners’’ where he was inviting greatest polish artists, politicians, and important figures to discuss worlds most important cases and he threw royal feasts. Since we’ve thrown our dinners on Thursdays I took the role of the host and called myself king.

My last dinner was my first dinner at Lust Bar that became my new ‘’castle’’.  We hosted about 30 guests, exhibited a polish artist Kornel Wolodzko, who of course took part on the dinner as well, we had very international guests, few journalists and friends, The menu I created was very special, as entrée I made a black turnip-apple salad with earl grey marinated prune and black sesame. The main dish is my own composition and my trademark black burger (in black bun), with lime cured herring, chili, walnuts and honey, polish smoked cheese that is made only in polish Tatra mountains, a sour cucumber (but different than pickle) and homemade lime chili mayo), as a side there were sweet potatoes French fries. As dessert I served an amaretto-coffee pudding with whipped cream. I’m trying to reinvent polish cuisine and giving it a new modern touch by composing very Polish ingredients into a new dish. The upcoming dinner will also be an example of  modern polish cuisine, inspired by few cookbooks that were lately published in Poland about doing it a bit different way and still keeping it polish polish.

The biggest challenge was to continue the project after my best friend and business partner left. We tried to work it out but it was impossible to cooperate living in two different countries (Don moved to Warsaw after a year of working together) So I’m so glad and proud that I actually made myself to get skilled in cooking and that I became a chef myself and created my brand filled with passion and love for what I started with someone else and I made it mine mine and always bigger and bigger. I’m extremely happy about getting published at Freunde von Freunden a website that I’ve been admiring since the moment I know it. It s a big honor to me.
Also sometimes it turns out that life chooses for you and I actually became a chef and will run my own kitchen and  prepare lunches from the beginning of March in a bar/restaurant in the center of Berlin (Lust –Bar Torstrasse 225).

Before I started the supper club in 2013, I was a student of American studies. Then when I started organizing the pop up, I changed the university I studied Italian and social sciences and politics but I stopped that because I discovered another passion- for singing. And since beginning of 2014 I’m also a singer.
I’ve been singing and cooking last 2 years. I would like to have my own place once in the future but I think popups are a great beginning and chance to find out what you really would like to do.

Unexpected moments are mostly when you get fully booked and then half of guests don’t come because something happened and they cancel last minute. it happened to me few times and of course its always a very unpleasant situation because you have to get enough food and organize everything and at the end it turns out your effort went a bit to hell, but also that’s why I started to take prepayments to be secure that the guest will appear and take seriously the reservations by which I mean my work, time and of course money.

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