What started with simple inspiration, became much more than just a pop up

Was there a specific catalyst that prompted you to turn to pop ups? 

We started doing pop ups 5 years ago. We got inspired by a trip to the south of France where we were tasting wines and enjoying our holiday. We were invited to a lunch with local farmers. Neighbors were just dropping by and we were all sitting at a long table with food and wine just floating. There was a cool ambience and we just wanted to create that experience when we got home. That's how it all started...

Tell us about your current or most recent pop up. 

Our latest pop up was the 30th of April in a very urban area In Sydhavnen. This pop up was with two partners, Kost and Sweet Sneak. We roasted a couple of lambs, served a lot of bio greens and the event had a wine bar with natural wines. The theme for our pop ups is always to sit at long tables, serve food made of local ingredients and have a open wine bar with natural wines.

What has been your biggest challenge? Biggest reward?  

It is difficult to say because we some how always manage even if we don't have a kitchen, electricity or we just start up in a empty warehouse. Of course a challenge is that its almost impossible to earn enough money to live of doing it and of course its hard to starts from zero each time. That's also why Rødder now is much more than just a pop up restaurant. We have a canteen, a wine shop, farming, catering etc.

One of the best things about doing pop up is when we are able to create a nice ambience and people are just enjoying themselves and of course when they like what we are doing :)  

How long have you been doing pop ups?  

We have been doing pop ups for around 5 years.

Will you continue doing pop ups in the future? Why or why not? 

We will continue doing pop ups but maybe a bit less often than now. And we try to work with new partners and new angles to the concept. Since we started, pop ups are just been something everybody is doing with all types of business.

What do you think the biggest obstacles facing pop-up organizers are today?

The biggest obstacles are: a. Lots of completion b. Difficult to earn money c. Strict rules from the government.


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