Chef Gabrielle Hamilton will take over The Spotted Pig

The Prune chef Gabrielle Hamilton says she and restaurateur Ken Friedman, who was accused of serial sexual misconduct by two dozen employees in December, will soon make a deal.

Friedman, who faces multiple accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct, earlier this month split from former partner April Bloomfield. After the split, The Spotted Pig in New York,  where both Friedman and investor Mario Batali are alleged to have harassed a number of women, remained in Friedman’s hands.

In an interview with The New York Times, Gabrielle Hamilton said she doesn’t have a deal with Friedman about the restaurant, but she said, “we’re going to make one. We’re going to be chef-owners. We’re going to run the Pig.”

In a statement provided to, Hamilton said: "pretty excited on so many levels (...) everyone is a better spouse the second time around."

The Spotted Pig also was the scene where a woman accused chef and part investor Mario Batali of groping her while getting a photo with her.

Last week, chef April Broomfield, Friedman's business partner in the Spotted Pig and other New York City restaurants, announced she was ending her professional relationship with Friedman after 14 years. Bloomfield has denied that she ignored or dismissed complaints from Spotted Pig employees.