Facebook employees will no longer have free meals

Tech firms are known for the mouth-watering dishes served at their headquarters in Silicon Valley. With 11 spots serving up Asian cuisine, burgers, and BBQ, Facebookers have to choose from any given day. All of the food is available either for free or at a heavily discounted rate for Facebook employees and guests.

However, city officials have barred Facebook from serving free food to its employees when the tech company moves into a new office in Mountain View later this year.

Businesses near the new Facebook offices support the law. The manager of the Milk Pail Market, which is located just a few steps from the new Facebook offices, is hoping hundreds of employees will head there for lunch.

The Mountain View City Council in 2014 passed the law after hearing from restaurant owners near Google that they were not getting the business they had expected because the tech giant offered employees free food on campus.

Facebook can still have a cafeteria when 2,000 employees move into the building in the fall, but the company can't offer food that's been subsidized by more than 50 percent.