Natalie Portman's Eating Animals Is Thought Provoking

Eating Animals, the highly-anticipated feature-length adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s critically-acclaimed 2009 book of the same name, will hit theaters on June 15th. The film is co-produced and narrated by Academy Award winner and fellow vegetarian, Natalie Portman who contacted Foer after reading his book.

Directed and produced by Christopher Quinn (Sundance award winner “God Grew Tired of Us”), Eating Animals takes viewers on a journey through the farming system that processes more than 50 billion animals a year — both through massive factory farms that house tens of thousands of animals, and smaller family-owned farms.

Foer found himself wondering where eggs, dairy, and meat products come from as he oscillated between an omnivorous and vegetarian diet. Once he became a parent, the questions about our food system became more pressing, and eventually the fodder for the book that took him on a years-long journey of discovery.

The first trailer shows the complete film will be the sort of thing that might make you begin to consider where your food comes from a little more because there's something just a little unsettling about some current practices. Check it out.