No foie gras after Brexit?

There is now a fear of a potential ban on foie gras after Britain leaves the EU.

Foie gras is made from duck or goose livers after the birds are force-fed before their over-sized, fatty livers are extracted.

There is a production ban on foie gras in the UK since 2000 but currently no import ban – but that could all change after Brexit. Around 98% of duck foie gras imports to the UK come from France, while total imports amounted to around 100 tonnes in 2017

Farming minister George Eustice hinted the product might be on its way out because production would not be allowed in the UK. Responding to a question in Parliament, he said: “If any production were to occur, the Animal and Plant Health Agency would be asked to investigate and advise on any contravention of UK animal welfare laws."