This fast food chain is creating its first ‘luxury restaurant’

McDonald's is now trialing the UK’s first-ever reservation service at its new “luxury concept restaurant”.

The trial run will take place in the Kensington High Street branch. Customers who visit the Kensington McDonald’s will be able to reserve a VIP table by signing up online in advance.

The trial celebrates the national rollout of McDonald’s’ Signature Collection, a gourmet-style burger range.

According to the Evening Standard, the new luxury concept will be open to the public on August 15, with the lucky VIPs welcomed into the restaurant by a string quartet.

After being escorted to their table, they will be surrounded by rich velvet curtains, “fine burger art” and “diamond”-encrusted cutlery. On the menu will be a choice of either the Classic, BBQ or Spicy Signature Burger.

As if things couldn’t get any fancier, the food will be served under a silver cloche by white-gloved butlers.