Try these gadgets next time you eat sushi or ramen

YO! Sushi has brought the art of Chindogu, or “useless inventions”, to the UK – reports The Evening Standard.

Chindōgu (珍道具) is the Japanese art of inventing ingenious everyday gadgets that seem like an ideal solution to a particular problem, but are in fact useless.

We’re talking about the “Noodle Cooler”, “Noodle Splash Guard”, “Napkin Hat” and “Wasabi Stick”.

The YO! Chindogu menu pairs each gadget with their perfect dish accompaniment to give diners a unique eating experience they never even realized they needed. Order YO!’s Dumpling Miso Ramen noodles and see how the "Noodle Splash Guard" stops your locks getting dipped in broth.

To keep your hot Spicy Seafood Udon from burning your lips, the "Noodle Cooler" gadget will cool down noodles just before they reach your mouth with its electrical fan.


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