Women of Food: a new database that wants to address gender equality

"We want to make women in gastronomy equally visible and influential," explain the founders.

BY RSVP August 13,2019

Four women in the food industry, including Food & restaurant journalist and event curator Sudi Pigott, Film-maker, director & producer “The Goddesses of Food” Vérane Frédiani, Arts event producer Vivienne Huang and French food journalist Estérelle Payany joined forces to create a new database that promises "to empower women in food to network, collaborate, inspire, mentor and simply have good and delicious fun."

The first step will be launched this fall. The Women of Food will have a free-access UK female chef database for all those looking to work with chefs - from media to investors and conferences.

According to their website, they want to connect "passionate foodies, bakers, supper-club and street food cooks and food businesses, as well as those running restaurants."

If you are a chef/cook and want to participate just head to The Women of Food website and signup to be added to their database.