Negroni gin?! There are only three bottles in the world

A Danish company, Copenhagen Distillery, decided to do some experiments and came up with a new idea, creating a ready to drink negroni style gin. It took two years to produce 10 liters, and they now have a very special limited edition with only three bottles.

"We loved negronis," explains Sune Urth, former bar manager at No2 in Copenhagen, and now behind distillations and development at Copenhagen Distillery, "so we wanted to create a drink using our knowledge and research."

In 2016, Urth had received an annual Campari grant and spent it at the lab at the University of Copenhagen. "I hired a Master student to help me, while she was writing her thesis about the bottle aging of negronis," he says. During a twelve-month period, Copenhagen distillery produced seven different negronis in order to compare the different flavor profiles and see how they would change over time. "We then put it to test with ten different bartenders". 

Using that know-how, Sune and the team behind Copenhagen Distillery created a negroni dry gin, which he recommends "putting ice in a glass and just pour it down." It's ready to drink.

How it all started?

Copenhagen Distillery was founded in 2013 in the Danish capital. A former lawyer, Henrik Brinks, and his friends had always dreamt about opening a whiskey distillery after visiting Northern Scotland. But investing in whiskey production requires a three-year process from distillation until you have the first bottle ready. Sune Urth joined the company in 2016. 

In between, Copenhagen Distillery became one of the best distilleries in Europe, producing award-winning gins, aquavits, schnapps, and liquors.

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